Year of the Biodiverse Garden

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  • Why grow herbs?
    Herbs are often valued for their culinary contributions or for medicinal purposes, but they also make great ornamentals and many attract pollinators. 
  • Cool season vegetables
    It’s officially spring and the urge to garden is here! Today on Ask a Master Gardener, Susie talks about cool season seeding and transplanting.
  • Gardening Tools and Care
    It is an investment to buy top-quality tools – they work well and last longer – are certainly cheaper than buying new tools every couple of years.
  • Keystone plants for the biodiverse garden
    A decline in insect populations has gardeners facing a paradigm shift. We can effect change by removing invasive species, planting natives and adopting thoughtful practices that create a healthy habitat for wildlife.
  • Biodiversity starts with a living lawn
    Reimagining our lawns is a first step in reversing biodiversity loss. A living lawn is a flowering tapestry teeming with a diversity of life – supporting bees, flies, moths, butterflies, wasps, beetles, fireflies and more.
  • Onions, Leeks and Shallots – From Seed to Harvest
    The genus Allium includes many of our favourite and easy-to-grow vegetables – leeks, shallots, onions, garlic and chives. This week on Ask a Master Gardener, learn tips for a harvest that will delight well into next winter.


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