“Garden Bones: Trees & Shrubs”- our October Conference was held

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October 17, 2016

was held, successfully and well-attended last Saturday, and it was a beautiful day! Please visit this page one last time, later in October when I relate an account of the day, and comments from attendees, presenters, organizers.

Mayor Paterson opens event (video) (all credits: A. Muschalla)

And comment, via the site contact.


“Nancy started driving at 5 am Saturday morning and arrived at our conference doors at 7:45 am.  On her eval. form she wrote that the Kingston conference was the best one she has ever attended.  Here is her follow-up e-mail for all to read: “



Hi Ann,

I just have to say that Saturday was one of the best TUs I have attended. Everything went off well and your members are so friendly. The speakers were wonderful and so knowledgeable…and quite approachable. The vendors were great, bought 2 very good books I’ve wanted for awhile. They are so hard to resist when staring at you from the table. LOL Anyway many thanks and I look forward to the next.