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Nurseries, Seeds, Soil

What’s open & what’s not? Here’s a list of local suppliers for the plants, seeds, soil and compost you need for the 2020 gardening season.

Photo by Abigail Lynn on Unsplash

Local nurseries

Burt’s Greenhouses: 539 Maple Rd, Odessa. Greenhouses closed to the public. Will add vegetable plants to their online store for pickup or delivery – End of April / Early May; Currently taking orders for produce for pickup/delivery.

Connon Nurseries: 956A Highway 2, Quinte West. Essential service. Open Monday–Saturday. Customers can also phone/email orders for pickup & delivery

Patchwork Gardens: Developing an online plant ordering website and contact-free, on-farm pick up for May 16-17 weekend.

Potter’s Nurseries: 690 Golden Mile Rd, Kingston. Essential service. Open Monday-Saturday. Only one person allowed to shop in the store at a time. Offer curbside pickup.

Riley’s Garden Centre: 2141 Bath Rd, Kingston. Open. Limiting customers to 5 at a time. Offer curbside pickup.

Sheila’s Greenhouse: 945 Moscow Rd Yarker. Greenhouses closed to the public. Taking pre-orders for vegetable plants & flowers.

Simple Country Pleasures: 5861 County Rd 9, Napanee. Greenhouses closed to the public. Taking orders for pickup & delivery. Phone Monday-Saturday 11am-4pm; working to setup eCommerce on website.

Sun Harvest Greenhouses: 2542 Perth Rd, Glenburnie. Greenhouses closed to the public. Order produce online for curbside pickup & delivery. Availability posted daily at 9am

Local seeds

  • KASSI (Kingston Area Seed System Initiative): Their seed commons is a living collection of locally adapted open-pollinated seeds.
  • Bear Root Gardens: Locally adapted vegetable seeds, all organically grown on their property in Verona.
  • Kitchen Table Seed House: Place emphasis on growing and offering varieties that are well suited to our bio-region and that offer maximum flavour. Wolfe Island.
  • Index of Canadian Seed companies: If you’re looking for specialty seeds or just can’t find what you need locally, seeds of diversity maintains this great list of companies from across Canada

Native plants

Lemoine Point Nursery is our only local native plant nursery. Credit Valley Conservation maintains a list of Ontario native plant nurseries, some of whom ship. Prairie Moon Nursery doesn’t ship to Canada, but their cultural guide is a great resource for learning more the needs & behaviours of specific plants.

Seeds for cover crops

Fruit trees & trees

Soil & compost

Tomlinson Environmental Services
Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. Ask for

  • AA Compost (screened leaf and yard waste only). You’ll need 1-2″ for neglected soil or 1/2″ for good soil
  • AA topsoil for new and raised beds

Pick up: 633 Fortune Crescent
Delivery: Call Mark 613-546-0884 (office) or 343-363-7412 (cell)

Soil testing

A & L Labs: Ask for S1B & S7 base saturation test and soil microbiology with recommendations from the lab (Carey is the expert to talk to). Tell them what type of garden you’re planning (vegetable, food forest, wildscape). You also want to test the soil biology. The form is confusing, but here are some things you may want to test because bacteria/fungi will do the work of building soil structure and  cycling nutrients for plant growth (total bacteria, active bacteria, total fungal, active fungal, protozoa).

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